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The Master's Piece


Wisdom and Discernment

Good morning! True story! Part 1: I Woke up one morning ️ and there was an army of ants marching from the outside of my balcony, alongside our rug in the living room, and under our sofa. At that point of time it had to be over 300 huge ants crawling alongside and some on our rug. We were so at shock that we quickly got rid of the rug and killed all the ants that we could've possibly seen with our bare eyes . Aha.... They were all gone. .... Part 2: Woke up around middle of the night , went to living room to pray and mid way through I decided to go pray in the bedroom. As I was leaving the living room, I again saw a troop of ants marching from the outside of my balcony into my unit, alongside and upon a new rug we placed on the ground to replace the old one, and underneath my sofa where they all went and vanished from there. At this point, wisdom hist and told me to remove all my furniture and see where they are marching to, and voila, little did I know they were all gathered around a small piece of food that was hidden underneath my sofa. So, I Cleaned up the crumb, killed all the ants , and they were all long gone and was never to be seen again. Moral of story: Getting rid of the old rug without getting to the source of the problem was foolish and caused us to be chasing our own tail, and to rubbish a valuable (expensive) rug without even giving it a second thought. Sometimes in life when we have a family or friend that offends us either spiritually in what they do or believe in or naturally with their attitude, the first thing we run to is getting rid of the "rug". My dear friend, throwing away the rug will only make you lonely, sad, and regretful. God wants to get to the root of the problem to elevate us to a greater platform and way of life. There's no better way of Him doing so but by sending someone or something to reveal the root problem to you. This is not by communication and will not always be in a polite, clean way, but by actions, and sometimes intrusive and aggressive ones . When you are surrounded by bad vibes, running away from bad vibes is not being like Jesus. Facing the bad vibe and asking God for wisdom and strength to overcome it and eventually doing so, that is Jesus-like. Do not get rid of any furniture that is in your life because of hurt that is caused by an uninvited guest. If that's the case, you will never have furniture and you will also be one lonely human being on the face of the earth, where you're getting new furniture one day, and rubbishing it on another day. Ephesians 6:12 says we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against spirits.... Getting rid of a person because of a hurt caused by them and not asking God to make you a stronger person will be a lifetime worth of problems because the next person in line will do the same thing, and next person, and next person, and next person. From that point, you will begin to see the world as evil, heartless, and you will become anti-social trusting no one but yourself. The world is not the problem, the problem is within and God will do whatever it takes to take you to where you need to be, at all cost, He is a relentless God. Wisdom: Become stronger in the Lord, face your giants, overcome your giants, and from there nothing will/can stop you. And as Drake said "All the way up" Blessings. Rise And Walk Ministry John 5:8

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