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The Master's Piece


The Perfect Testimony: The Broken Master Piece Review

If you have not heard by now, if you have not seen by now, The Broken Masterpiece has been released and is available online and on-hand. I was blessed to have read this book prior to its release and this review is done with no form of bias. The Broken Master Piece is an inspirational read for all ages specifically for those are in the coming of age stages.

This book speaks about a young Haitian girl named Gabriella. We follow Gabriella through the many stages of her life from a pubescent to young adult. This wonderful book speaks on many themes some very triggering and traumatic so for those who are very sensitive to the subjects mentioned, I personally encourage you to tread through the pages lightly. Wolkenzye Pascal, shares with us tips and insight through these pages which I personally found even more comforting.

The book itself captivates you once reading the very first sentence of its pages. Pascal shocks the reader and warns that the book is not a fairytale, nor a happy life. The story is real, each word touches the reader deeply within their hearts. A real page-turner opening the book, as I found myself finish the book in a two-hour sitting. As I finished the last sentence of the book, I leaned back and exhaled as I stared at those last words. The book held my breath, my eyes quickly skim these the lines as I wanted to know everything that happened to Gabriella. Pascal has done an excellent job captivating its reader until the very end. Even asking for more about Gabriella and her family.

I not only recommend this book to women of all ages, but also to men because of the sensitive themes mentioned. This book is a real tear-jerker and it brings an opportunity to talk about very sensitive and most of the time taboo conversations in Caribbean households, especially Haitian families. This story is very relatable and gives a voice for those who are too afraid to speak. You will not be disappointed, but rather empowered, encouraged, and strengthen through the transparency this book provides.

If you have a mother, sister, aunty, brother, little cousin, or even a sister from church; buy this book for them. This book will change lives as it has changed my life and others I know who have read the book. This book tells a story based founded on deliverance, hope, a cry unto to God for help and only His help. Read this book if you are ready for change, but those traumatic events are stopping you from moving forward. Read this book if you have nothing else to lose. It will transform you.

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