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The Masters Piece

Behind The Story

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Many times in our lives we go through events that makes us feel as if there really is no hope left. We're driven to want to give up because there seems  to be no light at the end of the tunnel. It is unfortunate the things we go through in life, especially the unexpected. This can cause one to even question if there actually is a God; and if there is, where is He during this time period?


In these pages , the evidence of God's works in everything will be displayed. One will learn that no matter how hard it is, God is always there. When it feels like theres nothing left, thats when God shows you He's been at workin in the background ll along. I hope through the reading of these pages in this book, that one will find strength, hope, wisdom and much more.


No matter how broken you may look, the potter is not done with you yet. You are in His hands and He is making a masterpiece out of you! Be patient, wait on the Lord and trust in Him. He will never fail you.


Wolkenzye Pascal

founder of & author of The Broken Masterpiece

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