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The Master's Piece


The Wisdom I've Gain Through Single Motherhood

In order to keep me from being conceited I was given a thorn to keep me humble. I can honestly thank God for this thorn because not having a mother and father figure in my life taught me to give everything I dreamed of and most importantly needed to someone else. Thinking about the ‘Hard knock Life’ for a single parent and becoming one are two different things. Anyone can be a parent and if both parties aren’t on the same page, a single one quick! Before this life, I was all about parties and everything that came with it. When I first found out I was pregnant I was shocked and disappointed “What is a kid going to do with a kid especially while I’m in my prime?” But when you’re in love that word makes you do some crazy things and raising a family without God was one of them. But God has a funny way of gracefully breaking you and bringing you back to opening your eyes. He gives us Wisdom.

When I tell you, I thank God for the worst and I mean THE WORST I didn’t want to accept it but through wisdom I had to because if it weren’t through the trials, the pain and the hate, this woman I am would’ve never been able to be birthed out. Being a young single mother isn’t easy. It’s almost as if you can’t have enough time to fix yourself whole and be there for someone else. Instead you have to pick one and make the best out of it now. I’m not saying that it’s impossible but it is a task that is very difficult to complete but with God & a vision behind the plan you can complete any and everything thrown your way. I had to learn how to leave my selfish ways behind quick because being selfish is no longer an option not when you are someones sole support. I had to learn a whole new way of life not for me but now for the greater good of someone else. I had to reteach myself that in order to retain and obtain you must apply what it was that was taught in your everyday life and with that I had to reiterate what it was to be a good woman in my daily life in order to teach that to my child. Figuring out how to be a mother is a goal always aimed for.

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