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I'm saved and divorced!

​Words could not describe how much I loved and appreciated this man. I remember the first time we locked eyes. We were sitting in church preparing to transition into worship when we both smiled. I admired his passion and zeal to worship and praise God. Our first date, we went to Denny’s and had a bible study over the phone with a mutual friend. From there, we were inseparable. It grieved and tore me apart that I was sitting there waiting for the gavel to hit and the divorce to be finalized (Deep sigh). As I sat there, I thought to myself, “I wasn’t supposed to be here!” I was never supposed to be in a court room waiting for my divorce to be finalized. I should have not been married at all! Why?Because I never believed that I would ever get married, and once upon a time In my eyes, I was not worthy.

Before I met my ex husband, By the grace, mercy and love of God I learned my worth! I begin to embrace the thought of being married. Then I said to myself “my first marriage will be my last, till death do us part. "However, when you silence the voice of God to appease the flesh, or because you fear of being alone things will always take turn for the worst. I felt the unction to pump the breaks but I allowed my emotions, flesh and fear to govern me! However thank God that he is not a man who can't forgive! Going through the process, (before getting the packet to file), I battled for months. One moment I was sound, the next I was confused! Why? Because I feared people more than I feared God.

I was more worried about what people will say about a Christian minister being divorced, when I’m supposed to be an example! I remember going before God and crying out! When I finally became at peace with my decision, there was no stopping me. But believe me my dear friend, I truly learned a lot through the process. I DO NOT promote divorce. Nevertheless, I say know who you are, your purpose, your vision and your calling before saying I do. Be at peace and embrace who you are; your beautiful flaws and all before saying I do. If your reason to marry is to not be lonely then you're in for a rude awakening! Don’t marry to feel whole! Be whole before you marry!

My advice to anyone looking to get married is, be on one accord spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially! Do what is best for each of you individually and as a potential union. Take the time to be sure that you are equally yoked as believers. Please understand that I do not regret my decision. I have grown and matured so much (glory to God). I’ve learned more about my inner me that has strengthen me to continue to resist the enemy! Yes people have judged, talked and rebuked me without the knowledge of why I made my decision. However, there is no condemnation! And if God has forgiven me and is pleased with me; I shall continue this good fight of faith with my head high bringing glory and honor to his name.

Ms. Elda also has a book called "A Praying Wife" if you would like to know more, you can reach her at IG | @ismeldaa8_ FB | I Am Elda Twitter | @iameldaa8

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