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You Look Good, You Feel Good!

The saying "you look, you feel good!" has been underrated. How you look really has a lot to do with

how you feel. When you look at yourself in the mirror, how do you feel about yourself? Does

wearing that particular outfit propel you to exude confidence? Or a much better question, do you

feel like you are attractive? Now, before you start saying inward beauty is far more valuable

than outward beauty, think about the emotion that ran through your body when you last looked

your best. I’m not devaluing inner beauty; I am simply stating how the two coincide. It’s a known

fact that those who learn the discipline to exercise and take care of their body are much more

focused and feel more confident.

As one who has been exercising for over 2 years, I concur that I am not the same person I was

before I started to exercise and take care of my body. There is no magical portion though, no

quick fix and I cannot promise you a 30 day complete transformation. Looking good requires discipline. It will not just happen but I can guarantee you the rewards are well worth it. Regular exercise will improve your life in many ways.

Gain Focus

Regular exercise is not only good for external enhancements but it helps you regain focus. In a

society filled with pursuing new strategies, and 5 quick ways to do such and such, the monotony

of doing something over and over to achieve a permanent goal is one that can center you to

obtain any goal you desire. One valuable thing you’ll get acquainted with as you begin to

exercise religiously is patience. And that patience will overflow to every other aspect of your life.

It’ll be very difficult to be lazy in other areas of your life when you can muster up the willpower to

exercise although you are tired.

Be more healthy

Health is wealth, period. In order to pursue all of your goals, dreams, and enjoy your beautiful

family, you have to be healthy to fully enjoy these things. Your health is in your hands. You have

the power to be healthy and remain healthy no matter the circumstances. I see crippled man do

it. Old people do it. People with Down syndrome do it. I see these things all the time on my IG

story. As a matter of fact, there is a gentleman with Down syndrome whom I see regularly at the

gym. Yet, there are those whom their health depends on it and they make all kinds of excuses

to not exercise. Be it you want to lose weight, gain weight, or maintain weight, living a healthy

lifestyle is paramount to your inner beauty. You look good, you feel good. You keep feeling

good, you’ll look even better.

Gain sheer confidence

Imagine if you’d look like the person you admire on social media. Your walk and your talk would

be different. Maybe you’d get that job or that position or that business deal if you had confidence

in yourself. A lot of that has to do with how you feel about yourself. And the good news is you can easily change that by simply signing up at your nearest gym, or going outdoors or running

or cycling. Better yet, you can get fit in the comfort of your own home and follow a workout on

YouTube. The only thing standing between you and the person you want to see in the mirror is

the lack of discipline and commitment. Now get up, get out there and just do it. Not for a number

of weeks or months, but for a lifetime. That’s how change happens. That’s how confidence is


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