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The Master's Piece


Overlooked to Overbooked

Proverbs 18: 16 Gifts can open many doors and help you meet important people.

May 2012 I was a recent college graduate who was in between two part-time jobs trying to

make ends meet. I was desperate and frustrated for a change, but it seemed everyone I reached out to for some assistance in helping me get my ideas off the floor either charged me too much or ignored me.

So in January 2014 I took the leap of faith and started my Mary Kay business. Without fully

understanding what it meant to run a business let alone share with other women about skin care

products and makeup. I thought to myself, I could either talk myself out of this opportunity by thinking

negative or think about the wealth of knowledge I will gain, and the financial increase that would come my way. So, I did it afraid. I took the last $100 that was in my pocket and invested in myself. I attended my weekly meetings, learned about my products, tried them on myself to experience the full effect and launched it to my close friends and family and made triple what I put into the business. (Can I get a praise break).

After, I mastered the skin care portion of my business, I started getting into the makeup piece and that’s when my love for makeup started. I began to master different looks on myself and different shades of foundation until I was confident enough to do makeup on others. A few months went down the road, I was inboxed by Chrisnatha Derosier, the founder of I am A Masterpiece Movement to do her makeup. When I uploaded her picture, it opened a door for me to be in close proximity to people that once overlooked me. I went from being overlooked to being overbooked every weekend. Through it all, there were few things being in this season taught me and I want to share them with you.

  • Learn to stand up for yourself inside of yourself.

You can literally talk yourself out of your own gifts and talents that God has given you because you don’t feel like you measure up or look the part. But, if you never jump, you'll never know what's on the inside of you.

  • Never be in rush to connect yourself with people.

Sometimes God is protecting you from embarrassing yourself because you're just not ready. Learn to

master your skills in the dark until God feels it’s time for you to be in the light. His timing is better than

our timing.

  • Rejection will come but don’t take it heart.

Rejection does hurt but never stay in the season of “why” it didn’t happen to remain stuck. Instead get

in the habit of saying “God what’s next?” Understand sometimes God will break your heart to blow your mind, and crush your dreams to show you something else. In that moment, simply proceed to another opportunity.

  • Do it afraid

Anytime you step out to pursue your gifts and talents, fear will get loud but never allow the voice of

fear to be louder than the voice God.

  • Believe in yourself

I have no idea what gifts you have laid up on the inside of you. But, today I want you to believe that what you have to offer, someone out there in the world needs it. Once you have mastered it, be the best salesmen of your Life, your gifts and talents. If you don't believe in your work, who will?

I pray this blog inspired you and keeps you motivated


This young woman is a speaker and author. the link to her book is on the homepage. You can find more at

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