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The Master's Piece


Can talent take you far without work?

What you choose to focus on becomes your reality. The reality we live in, is in conjunction with

our perception. Once you realize you have a gift or a talent you must allow that thing to

flourish. Gifts do not open doors, skill and hard work allows doors to be open. Your gifts

introduce you to new opportunities. The world has over 7 billion people you are not the only

individual with a gift/talent but what differentiates you from the other is your work (skill).

There are a lot of people with limited gifting that are getting opportunities continuously. Why?

They used skill they nurture it, they work hard, they are not sitting somewhere waiting for

someone to discover them. They are out there networking, building their craft, and creating;

that is what separates a person that “makes” it and one who doesn’t.

“Making it” is not billboards and TV shows but these are the individuals who are living in the

fullness of whoever they were created to be. We all will not land a movie star role but perhaps

you will be the one that coaches that star. No one ever speaks of the coaches or the trainers

behind those in front. Behind every star is an army of people who decided to hone in on their

gift; not limiting themselves but realizing that expansion of a gift is earned through sweat and

hard work.

How can your gifts make room for you?

1. Respect the gift.

Very few people can ever discover their gift, because they don’t respect the gifting of

another. We all ought to be in synergy, what I have will correlate with what you have.

One compliments the other. No one gift is superior to another but all interdependent.

2. Know your Central gifting

We all have many talents/gifts but at the center of all your talents and gifts there is the

main gifting. It’s like a research paper you have supporting paragraphs (Talents) but

there is the main idea (The Gift) and references (those that have come before you). Look

to others for inspiration but keep in mind your day 2 is someone year 2. Be mindful of

your journey, everyone has a unique path.

3. Have Skill

Skill requires hard work, dedication and resilience. It requires study, putting in and not

expecting rapid return. To build skill one has to be patient and dedicated. Many talented

people have lost the battle of endurance to skilled men because of persistence. Your gift

does not give you a free ride.

4. Earn it

Many of us think that just because of our gifting that we are entitled to get something. I

hate to be the bearer of bad news; however, no one owes you anything. You want

something, put the work in. Your gift will give you the key but you have to walk up to

the door to open it. We have a lot of gifted people with keys in hand waiting for

someone to open their doors. Your gift will only make room for you if you are willing to

make room for it. An unused thing has no value because it adds no value.

Are you putting in the work or waiting on someone to open your door?


Ms. Nathalie Philipe is the visionary behind "She Wore This". You can find out more about her at

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