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The Master's Piece


Don't be afraid of being the best you

First, I would like to thank Mrs. Wolkenzye Pascal for the opportunity to write on her blog, The

Master’s Piece is so unique and I love what she is doing with the vision the Lord gave her. So

once again thank you Wolkenyze and The Master’s Piece Team for asking me to be a guest

writer on the blog.

My whole life I battled with accepting who Sophonie Polinisse truly is. I always had a thought in

the back of my mind that convinced me people would judge me, look at me differently, whisper

behind my back and gossip if they knew the things I went through, the people I entertained and

even the path I choose to take in life. At that time, it did not occur to me that not only was I a

fraud, I also hurt myself more than I hurt others. Not Being Afraid to be The Best You to me

means, loving yourself enough to unapologetically accept yourself with flaws and all, knowing

that there will be days that you will make mistakes and that it is ok but you must get up and try

again. Trust me being the best you is not easy at times because we tend to be our biggest critics

and forget that God is with us, He will not leave us nor forsake us, (Deuteronomy 31:6) and that

alone helped me to be the best me. The day I decided to stop being afraid of being the best me

was the day I became comfortable in my own skin, I walked differently, I no longer cared what

people thought about me and I no longer held my past against myself. What I have come to

realize is that sometimes we’re so focused on what is going on around us and what everyone

else is doing and who they are reaching and lives their touching that without knowing it we

begin to take after that person but what we must remember is that we all have a set of people

we will reach just by being ourselves and no one else. I remember someone messaged me

telling me that, “my light shines bright and I should allow it to shine more,” I took it as a

compliment because this was the first time I wasn’t walking the way everyone else wanted me

too, I was finally walking on solid ground with Jesus Christ and people could notice. I encourage

you to take that leap in putting your best foot forward and continue walking with that foot in

front of you with God guiding you every step of the way and in doing that you can be the best

part of you and even more. Accept yourself, don’t be afraid to tell your story, live your life a day

at a time and strive to seek more of Jesus because it is in him where your best you is found. I

am still learning how to be the best me, how to be brave, how to use the voice God gave me,

and every now and then another opportunity comes for me to write a blog which is something I

love to do and that is when I know the best me is being birth and trust me the best you is being

birth every day too. You will be surprised how many doors will open because you put God first

and stayed true to yourself. If you don’t remember anything else remember this, don’t allow

fear to cause you to miss out on an opportunity that could have been yours just because you

weren’t yourself.


Sophonie Polinisse is a writer at love movement. you can read more of her blog at

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