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What Does My Family Have To Do With Us? : Analyzing All Areas of Marriage

Ever heard of the expression "I'm marrying the person and not their family?" Well, my husband and me went out to catch a movie and as always, we ended up speaking upon just about everything. In the process of our ongoing conversations. we began discussing marriages and some of the things that we noticed in our 3 years of marriage.

We began discussing my parent's divorce and how my mother had me at a very young age. My husband brought up how his mother would always remind him to be very careful of the family he married into. Of course he always told his mother that he'd be marrying the person, not their family. It wasn't until he got married and was drawn deeper in God that he came to understand what his mother meant concerning her statement.

In conversation between my husband and me, he began to explain that it is true when getting married you're marrying the person, but if there is something such as a generational curse (a sickness or curse that was passed down from one generation to another) in that person's family, you now will have to deal with that and whatever it comes with. Marrying into someone's family means marrying not just the person, but all the baggage that person has or had (especially if it was NOT dealt with). If you recognize there's been a curse in that person's blood line, you will be the one to get on your knees and pray that it ends so your children won't have to deal with it.

My husband is a man of principle and he loves wisdom; so I must say I was moved and proud to be considered his wife in that very moment. Looking at him like "yes, that's my husband; go head and teach!!" Lol. I told him that I would write about that because many of us run into marriage not knowing nor understanding the things that comes with it. We have this fairy tale picture in our head believing it will be a happily ever after situation. When it comes to marriage, it's a decision you will have to make everyday after saying I do. You have to chose if whether or not you will love that person and remain married. Do not be hasty to jump into marriage and remember no two marriages are alike. It will be whatever you and your partner make it out to be.

For anyone who is dating and considering marriage I say, find out who you are physically, emotionally and spiritually. After that, find out who your future spouse is. Sometimes there are hidden things in both your bloodlines (ancestors) that you may not be aware of. Be sure to go to God and ask him to reveal the hidden things. Some of these things can cause financial lack, unfaithfulness, barrenness and many other things. Be aware, be alert, be prayerful, be vigilant and do not enter a holy covenant blindly. Whether you made it your duty to know or not, just remember, behind every decision made, good or bad, there is a consequence.

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