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What Motherhood means to me

Motherhood, in my opinion, is one of God's most precious gifts to women. I know as women we go through a lot during pregnancy, but I must say it's all worth it. There are about 256 worldwide births per minute. I bless God that I was blessed with two precious baby girls (one a toddler, the other an infant), that have changed my life dramatically. After God and my husband, I must say they both play a major role in me being the woman I am today. There's a bond between a mother and child that one can't fathom or begin to explain. Don't you ever wonder how someone so small can have such a huge impact?

Motherhood to me is one of the most precious gift that God could have given me. It can also be the most scariest thing ever. Knowing that there is someone that depends on you. Your life is truly no longer just yours because with every decision, you have to wonder what effect it will have on this child. Nonetheless, it is very fulfilling. There are days I wake up and feels like my back is against the walls and as if life has nothing more to offer me. Then, I would look in my daughters eyes, as if she knows how I'm feeling, she would give me the biggest hug and kiss, followed by "mommy I love you." At that moment, it's like my world is full with hope again. To know that no matter what, there's a brilliant, beautiful little woman who thinks the world of me makes it all worth it.

It is unfortunate that many women nowadays are having abortions. I personally am pro-life. I do understand that there are circumstances that arise that can make one want to commit such act. However, I do believe that everyone deserves a chance to live. Who knows, that child could have been the next world changer, but one doesn't get the privilege of finding that out with abortion in the picture. God knows I've had my share of mess ups, so I can't be one to judge. I believe this topic is a fragile one that I have not come to understand, but I am very interested in hearing the stories of those who have gone through abortion, to come to understand what they may have felt, thought, or experienced during the process.

According to, on average, women give at least 3 reasons for choosing abortion: 3/4 say that having a baby would interfere with work, school or other responsibilities; about 3/4 say they cannot afford a child; and 1/2 say they do not want to be a single parent or are having problems with their husband or partner (AGI). Only 12% of women included a physical problem with their health among reasons for having an abortion (NAF). One per cent (of aborting women) reported that they were the survivors of rape (NAF). I was extremely shocked by this study.

Having a child is a huge responsibility and I can admit, carrying a child is very dangerous. That alone can scare one to not ever want a child or to abort the child. I've questioned if I was even fit to raise a child. It is tough, scary and many other things. After having the privilege of bringing two girls into this world, I wouldn't change that for anything in the world. Sometimes we have to overcome the hardest part; believing that we can do what our thoughts says we can't do. Overcoming that will help one see in reality, we'll never see ourselves fit until we get there."

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