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Your worth and its importance in your relationship

I am honestly glad to no longer be in the dating world! I realize today with social media that dating is not the same anymore. It's so easy to simply go on sites such as tinder and eharmony to find a "perfect match" or a date which is also scary because you don't really know what you're getting. Anyone can pretend to be something they are not. Call me old school, but I do believe that a person appreciates something more when he/she works hard for it. The easier it is to get something, the easier it will be to lose or mistreat it.

Women have lost their sense of self. We no longer stand strong in who we are. We shift with whatever society say is "in." In my opinion, many of us have made it way too easy for a guy to date us or get in a relationship with us. I feel we have lowered our standards in order to say we have somebody and so we don't feel alone. It's sad to say we have given men the right to treat us anyway they want. I remember hearing a person say "we have to teach people how to treat us." We can't allow people to talk to us any types of ways. We have to be able to stand firm knowing we are worth it and not accept anything less. One of my favorite comedians, Steve Harvey, always tells women on his show that "a man will not buy a cow when he can get the milk for free. In other words, if the man didn't give you a ring or professed his love to you by marrying you, YET you are cooking, cleaning, washing his clothes and paying both of your bills, he will most likely don't feel the need to marry you. You're already doing the job he would need a wife to do. We as women no longer value ourselves. I believe there are still many good men out there, but understand that they too have a standard and they won't lower it for just anyone.

My husband always say, if women knew their worth, men wouldn't speak to them any types of ways. We often ignore the good guys and label them as lame and go for the "bad boy" type. I always wondered, what is it about us women that is so drawn to the bad boy type?! When a man starts to wine and dine us, we take them for granted. A lot of us milk him and move on to the next. I've heard women say they rather a man that's gonna put them in check and take control.

In my opinion, a relationship is a partnership - a give and take situation. One has to be willing to give selflessly. Whether it be a friendship, marriage or etc. We can no longer give ourselves to just anyone without a commitment and we can't keep lowering our standards just to settle.

We can no longer accept a man to mistreat us by the way they address us, or just give our body to anyone just to say we have somebody. We gotta love and respect ourselves enough to not allow anything less. It's ok for us to allow a man to treat us as a queen. As women, that's who we are. We are beautiful (no matter the shape, size or color), loving, nurturing, a helpmate. A men should love us enough to treat us with honesty, love and respect. He should be able to protect, provide, guide and lead. A man that knows he's a king won't settle for a peasant. In other words, if he knows what he can bring to the table, he will want a woman that can do the same. We have to find out who we are, stand firm on that and accept nothing less.

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